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Find out the astonishing world of Betulla!

Betulla ideas

“Betulla ideas” is the first booklet which presents yarns all dyed with herbs, berries and woods coming from all over the world. In the booklet, besides the history of dyeing -and the more relevant collection of colour shades regarding the two different kinds of yarn- you will find the fascinating patterns the seven top designers made just for you.


Betulla display

We really didn’t expect the interest many shops, stores and haberdasher’s showed us! Driven by passion, we wanted to set out the Betulla balls, all naturally dyed with herbs and plants, and therefore our team created many displays and table displays to hold these wonderful little natural creatures.

Such displays are sold together with a frame containing the copy of the original Woolmark certificate, which was issued to Tintoria di Quaregna in a first-ever preview in 2010. The certificate guarantees we do not use any chemicals to dye the Betulla yarns naturally.