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When dyeing becomes ... natural art

Betulla balls are marked with the dyeing technology developed by Tintoria di Quaregna.
Tintoria di Quaregna -which was established in Biella in 1945- has always been a firm which excels at treating noble fibres such as cashmere and wool; we started working for the best companies in the Biellese territory and then grew into a respected brand which is now expanding its position in foreign markets. Nowadays we occupy a solid spot in the textile dyeing industry and can offer an impressive production. We are proud to be one of the noblest parts of the textile production cycle and, next to traditional dyeing, we introduced a highly skilled natural dyeing based on herbs. Our laboratories are doing researches and proposing ancient dyeing techniques to artisan producers as well as to large-scale manufacturers, in modern terms, with all due respect to the environment.
Our dyeing technique radically differs from any other technique because we keep on using herbs and plants coming from the entire world. Some of the herbs come from Italy or from our district: it is a philosophy that is deeply ingrained in our company’s culture: our supplies get inspiration from the so-called “km zero” (you buy right in the place where the product grows, thus saving carriage), trying to be supportive of local community projects.
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